6 & 7 Program

Must be age 6 by the start of the session

If you are interested in your child attending, please note that space is limited in this program.

The 6 & 7 Year Old Program is designed to offer a range of engaging and appropriate recreational learning opportunities so that your child has a variety of experiences each day. Our well trained and energetic staff is there to guide the campers every step of the way. Whether your child is enrolled for one of our two week sessions, or all three, he/she will enjoy each day, make new friends, and have some new experiences.

This is a half day program, and includes lunch. Your child can be dropped off anytime between 8:15-8:30am and needs to be pick up at 1:00pm. Our team of counselors will be on hand to greet every camper and make sure they all feel welcome. The first order of the day is socializing. While working on small, self-selected activities, the children are able to greet each other and get settled. The whole group then comes together to say hello, sing some silly songs, and hear the plans for the day. Next the children have an opportunity to work on some athletic fundamentals. This is facilitated by the counselors who make sure children are safe, learn some basics, have fun, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. We emphasize non-competitive play to allow all levels to feel accomplished.

As the day begins to heat up we move to an indoor activity. First, we come together for a snack, provided by TASP, and a story. Next, the campers have a rotating schedule that includes Spanish, drama, movement, and team-building. The children are exposed to a new language, creative opportunities, age-appropriate gross motor challenges, and collaborative problem solving. They are put in small groups so everyone has equal chances to participate. The schedule of activities rotates each day so your child has the chance to enjoy all that is offered during the week.

Before lunch we come together as a large group again and the children enjoy whole group games—both inside games requiring their thinking caps and outside games that allow them to move around.IMG_4452-(ZF-7381-32438-1-066)

For lunch, the children are assisted getting their food. They eat and socialize in small groups with a counselor.

The last stop of the day is art. The children have a number of options using many mediums: paints, pastels, clay, building materials, drawing supplies and an opportunity to work on a special project with a counselor. The atmosphere is relaxed and productive. We end as a group with a good-bye song and look forward to the next day.

Throughout the three sessions we will be visiting some of the excellent programs and facilities in the TASP program for more experiences. At TASP your child will feel engaged, comfortable, safe, and excited by the variety of opportunities we offer.