What does the registration fee include?

All expenses, such as food, boarding, laundry services, and field trips (as applicable) are included as part of the registration fee. For our residential campers, we do provide a Camper Bank which can be used for spending money on our weekend trips, the school store, and/or off campus trips.

The Camper Bank is a convenient and safe place to manage personal expense money for your residential camper and can be accessed through your Camp in Touch account. It is required for all residential campers, and we suggest that parents make a deposit of $50-$100 per week (maximum deposit amount is $300, you may add additional funds if needed) for the child’s incidental expenses or emergency purchases. Deposits into the Camper Bank MUST be made directly via credit card through your Camp in Touch account. Any additional amount of money left over will be refunded to your credit card after the child’s session is over.

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