Leadership in Training Program (LIT)

Ready to find out what type of leader you can be?

The Tabor Summer Camp Leadership-In-Training (LIT) Program seeks returning and new campers who are interested in gaining leadership skills throughout the summer with hands-on experiences, course-work, and activity-based knowledge. This is a four summer program. Skills learned during the summer(s) as a LIT can be applied in any future endeavors where working with others is crucial. LITs must be able to reflect on their experiences throughout the summer and be willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone in order to learn what it means to follow and what it means to lead. Please read more on our LIT programs below, and note that both the day and residential programs are a 5 week commitment. Please click here for dates and rates.

For LITs 3 and 4, successful completion of LIT 2 and an invitation by the Director are required in order to participate. An online application must first be submitted, which will then be reviewed by members of the Tabor Summer staff and you will receive an email with a decision. Please do NOT register for the LIT 3 or 4 program until you have been accepted to participate.

Please click here to view the goals of the program for each level, as well as a daily schedule.

Please click here to complete and submit the LIT application for levels 3 and 4 for summer 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants for the LIT program must have past camp experience (whether Tabor Summer Camp or another program) and be proficient in English (reading and writing).

LIT - 1 & 2

For campers entering 9th or 10th grade; ages 14 and 15 (age by start of the program); all returning and new (to Tabor Summer Camp) campers may register.

LIT 1 is for campers entering 9th grade and LIT 2 is for campers entering 10th grade. Leadership in Training (LIT) 1 & 2 focuses on team building and getting to know one’s self. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What makes a good follower/teammate? How do you learn the skills necessary to be a leader? Under the guidance of the LIT Coordinators, campers will understand how he/she functions on a daily basis and how to be a good follower. Engage in activities, trips, course work, community service, camp play, and group discussions led by our LIT Coordinators. Discover your strengths and areas that challenge you through smart feedback and emotional intelligence building. By learning how to follow, one can understand the role of a being good teammate, how it feels to be led by various leadership styles, and eventually, how one grows to be a leader. New and returning campers are invited to join.

LIT - 3 & 4

Campers who finished LIT 2 are invited to participate in the program. Invitations are sent by the Director at the end of November.

Dive deeper into leadership and be prepared to lead other campers and LIT 1 and 2s. Examine the leadership skills you possess and the ones you need to build on. Learn how to publicly speak and find your own voice as well as examine the culture of Tabor Summer Camp and the values of the program. Adaptability and dependability become hallmarks of this group as they discover what areas of camp they excel at as well as learning the ins and outs of running a summer program.

Activities, trips, course work, community service, camp play, and leadership training remain a core part of their development. Working closely with Activity Heads, LIT 3 and 4s increase his or her responsibilities at major and minor activities throughout the summer and gain further understanding in their roles as leaders/followers in each area.

Working at Tabor Summer Camp after the LIT Program: Successful completion of the LIT program does not guarantee employment at Tabor Summer Camp. All applicants must have spent a year out of high school or have finished their first year of college. A year of separation for our LITs can be crucial in their development as the extra time can teach our former LITs, if they are hired as staff, that it takes committed work and effort to create a memorable Tabor Summer Camp experience for the campers. Please click here to view the employment process.