Camp 2021 & COVID-19
Last updated April 22, 2021


2021 Tabor Summer Camp & Marine Science Camp have been canceled!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the time required to prepare for operation, any future updates to the guidelines will not change the cancelation of our summer programs/offerings.



Dear Parents,

To our many longtime camp families and our newest families, we unfortunately have decided to cancel the entire 2021 Tabor Summer Camp and Marine Science Camp.

In opening registration at the end of last year, we felt that by summer 2021, life under the pandemic would be sufficiently opened to allow for a return to what defines camp during the wonderfully warm weeks of summer - being surrounded by other campers and counselors in a variety of spaces and places, enjoying all of our activities and courses. With the publication of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Guidelines and the ability to look deeply at how they will affect all of our programs, including reducing our offerings to our campers, I, along with the school’s leadership, decided to cancel the Summer Camp and Marine Science Camp, as well as all of our offerings in June and July and most of August.

Since the pandemic began, we have looked at an opaque crystal ball, as have many programs and schools, and we have found it difficult to plan the way forward that will have our camp thriving this summer. We realize that camp serves as a place of joy and discovery for the many children who attend. Plus, it is just plain fun! Tabor Summer Camp can serve as a springboard for campers to experience something completely new; over the years, we have heard of campers attending school for Marine Science, or learning to be a fantastic sailor, or even becoming an incredible ceramicist. Campers find inspiration here and unlimited support from our counselors. Summer moments such as these are magical. Finally, the Tabor Summer Camp is a community for six short weeks and we want each camper to squeeze everything possible out of that Tabor time. Under the guidelines, we can’t offer the full program that our families have come to expect that creates those memories and experiences with other campers and our terrific counselors.

We thank you for your continued support and we are planning summer 2022 to deliver the enriching environment that our families have come to expect from Tabor.

Our best to your families,


Noel Pardo ~ Director