Camp & COVID-19

Tabor Academy Summer Programs –  Expected Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines (subject to change)

The safety of our campers is our utmost priority, and these policies are subject to update based on current guidance from local and national health officials, Tabor’s medical advisory board, and Tabor school leadership.



All staff will be fully vaccinated and we strongly recommend that all eligible campers be vaccinated as well.

IF/WHEN a vaccination mandate is instated at Tabor Summer Programs, we will always allow for documented medical exemptions, and you may apply for a religious exemption. We reserve the right to deny any application for religious exemption based on merit. Tabor also reserves the right to require a testing protocol for any/all unvaccinated individuals attending camp with such valid exemptions.



Masking is optional for the entire summer, and we will be supportive of any family who would like their camper masked. Our programs will provide an inclusive, mask friendly environment. Hand hygiene is a regular part of our daily routines, and we provide numerous hand sanitizer stations throughout the campus.


Asymptomatic/Symptomatic Individuals:

For individuals testing positive for COVID:

  • asymptomatic - a quarantine for 5 days
  • symptomatic - a quarantine for 7 days and then return on day 8 if improved symptoms
  • for close contacts of positive individuals, we ask them to self-test at home, and monitor for the next 10 to 14 days


Daily Health Screening at Home:

By enrolling in and attending Tabor Summer Programs, you agree to perform a daily health screening for yourself (if bringing your child on campus) and your child for whom you are the legal guardian. If the result of that wellness screening shows your child has any symptoms of Covid-19, you agree to keep your child home and contact the Tabor Summer Program’s Health Office immediately for further instructions.