Day program (Ages 8-15)

The Day Program is a unique experience for the children of the surrounding communities. A well-balanced recreational/enrichment program is offered under the careful guidance of skilled instructors, as well as extensive instruction in sailing, swimming and marine science at our beautiful Sippican Harbor location.

Over 200 day campers invade Tabor Summer Camp every morning. First, campers check in with their day group advisor before heading to their scheduled activities. Many day campers come to think of their advisor as a "big brother/big sisters", they are the first/last person they see each day. During the day, half day campers will participate in 3 activities and full day campers will participate in 5 activities. Lunch is a time with friends, then the half day campers leave and the full day campers continue their day with fun-filled activities.

The day program runs Monday through Friday and campers may sign up for 1 week at a time (start any Monday that we are in session). The half day program runs 8:15 am-1:00 pm and the full day program runs 8:15 am-5:00 pm, both include lunch. Half day campers choose 3 activities/enrichment courses and full day campers can choose 5 activities/enrichment courses. Campers are encouraged to take no more than 2 enrichment courses because we believe that children should also have time to enjoy outdoor activities.

*PLEASE NOTE: After a fun-filled morning of activities, we have noticed (from many years of experience) that our younger campers (typically 8 and 9 year olds) are quite tired by lunch time, therefore we ask parents to please use their own discretion when selecting an appropriate program for their child. There are NO refunds if changing from a full to half day session once the program has started.