We are excited to share some of the great things that Tabor Summer Camp families are saying about the program. If you have had a child participate in the program and would like to share your feedback, please feel free to email your comments to summer@taboracademy.org.

"I cannot find enough words to thank you all for a fantastic summer. I know many may say the same, but it means so much to me to be able to attend a camp over the summer break. The camp staff and friends with whom I shared great times and memories will last a lifetime. I am genuinely grateful for all you and the staff have done to give me this great experience. I cannot wait to go back to again next year!"

"The kids absolutely had the best time this summer! First time we did full-day so I was nervous, but it went great. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer!"

"I just wanted you to know how much our son enjoyed his experience at Tabor. Fun thoughts or memories often come to mind from his adventure there, which he is so excited to share with us. Thank you for your contribution in such a wonderful environment for our children."

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your team do at camp.The boys had the absolute best time this summer."

"As always I need to thank you for another great summer at Tabor! The children had a great time, and told me it was the best yet! "

My son had a great time there; he likes all activities he has attended, especially sailing. He likes Tabor so much that he wants to attend your summer program again."

"My daughter came home from camp after two days exuding more confidence in herself than she ever has."

"Everything was so well done. My son loved his activities, friends and counselors. Made a big mistake having him be a day camper- next year he definitely wants to stay there!! Great camp, thank you!"

"There are a variety of activities so kids don't get bored, the facilities are fantastic, and the counselors were friendly and really bolstered our girls' confidence and enthusiasm."

"The kids enjoy the exposure to a variety of activities and being able to try new things out each summer!"

"My daughter loved the counselors - their enthusiasm, friendliness, kindness, thoughtfulness made all the difference. Also, the camp offers a diverse and unique variety of activities. The campus felt like a second home to my daughter where she felt safe and happy. If it was up to her, she would attend all the sessions every summer until she was too old for the program (and then would be a counselor). Can't wait to send her next year!"

"My daughter comes home so happy and so connected with counselors and friends, she is so happy to be there. Also, you do a great job of inclusion. All the counselors know my daughter and greet her with enthusiasm. All of these things combine and create success."

"The staff is top notch, I was seriously impressed. Every day was organized at pick up and drop off. You do a good job of communicating special events/days, etc. I like the enriching activities and the mix of outdoor and indoor play. The small group enables the kids to really get to know one another in a short time."

"Leadership skills, welcoming atmosphere, beautiful facility, all the staff are so friendly and accommodating! My son made some very meaningful relationships in the years he's been going, and I feel like the staff fosters that environment."

"We are so grateful our son was able to join you at last minute when we found ourselves in Marion unexpectedly this summer due to his sister’s nearby hospitalization. He has had an amazing time and I will strongly recommend Tabor Summer Camp far and widely!.”

"Our son is having so much fun this week and eager to continue with the camp for next week as well.”

"I just wanted to say of all the years and camps we’ve done this is by far been the best experience Kenneth has ever had. I am so grateful to you and running the camp like a machine. I’m sure it takes so much work and I know the effort you put in. We are so appreciative and are looking forward to coming back next year. I am just so impressed with the whole experience I can’t say thank you enough. Have a wonderful rest of your summer and we will see you next year."

"Enlightened my children to try harder, learn new things, meet new campers from other parts of the country and world."

"I have three very different boys, it's so nice to find one camp that can accommodate each of them. They come home at the end of the day relaxed and happy (and a little worn out!)."

"Before my son went to your camp, he was nervous and we only signed him up for one week. This was his first experience with camp and he was going alone. He quickly came home asking if he could go for another week. When he was done with his Tabor experience and went to the dance at the end, he asked if he could go again next year but go for longer. So I have to thank all of you for making his time there something he wants to repeat. He will be going again next year and we will be sending him for longer, he loved it. I don't think I have ever met such enthusiastic people "working" at what they love! It really was nice to see."

"Thank you for giving my daughter the best memories of her life."

"The staff is exceptional! Everyone is welcoming, friendly, caring and nurturing. The staff are competent in their activities and work with each student at their level and are always encouraging."

"They get to know the kids well. They come back year after year, which allows for some wonderful long-distance, yet long-term friendships."

"The counselors encouraged our children to do their best, communicate and get involved. There was a lot of positive attitudes and encouragement which helped to build & develop their self confidence."

"The range of activities is perfect, there is something for everyone. The counselors were exceptional, friendly, fun, polite, informative, and enthusiastic."

“Individual attention is given to the campers and they have a great way of helping the kids transition, so that they are comfortable.”

“The counselors are such a great group of caring, fun, and energetic people. The kids had such a great time in all of their activities/courses.”

“They kept the 6/7 year olds connected and safe, yet exposed them to new experiences.”

“Tabor Summer Camp offers an outstanding variety of programs and quality of staff. The staff was very professional and mature.”

“The program is run very well. I felt very comfortable in knowing that I would be informed of any issues or changes. The staff was fantastic.”

“You make all the campers feel special, from the moment they show up to register. There is so much enthusiasm and a great sense of community! The campers really respect one another, and I think this makes them feel comfortable enough to try new things.”

“You make the summer program totally inclusive for all of the campers; your counselors and staff are exemplary. The total experience was a pleasure!”

“The children are treated with so much respect and given the chance to show their independence under a very well supervised atmosphere!”

"This is our third year at the program. Our child looks forward to camp and hopes to be a CIT in a few years. You have wonderful staff members and make the children feel at home and special.”

"Our daughter came to camp the first session and LOVED it!!! She would love to attend again.”

"Our kids have loved camp and their counselors this week!.”

"Our daughter had an AMAZING time at TSC! She thoroughly enjoyed marine science and digital photography (LAX, too, but the other activities were steller and inspirational!) Thank you so much to you and your staff for all you've done to support our kids and provide an incredible summer camp experience!”