Start of Camp

Please use this page as a resource to help you prepare your enrolled camper(s) for an unforgettable summer by the sea. Parents of enrolled campers, we ask that you also please review the Parent Handbook which can be accessed in your Camp in Touch account.

It is our hope that your camper's experience will be all that you expect and much, much more!

Camp in Touch Account

This is where you will manage all of your camper's information, forms, and financials. You can also create guest accounts for friends and family, view photos, and much more! You may log-in to your Camp in Touch account at anytime by clicking here.

Registration fees (due May 1)

Registration balances for all enrolled campers are due by May 1. Parents may view/print an invoice out at any time, under the Financial Management section in their account.  If you registered after May 1, payment in full is due when enrollment is confirmed. There are no refunds for late arrivals, absences, suspensions, dismissals, withdrawals or early departures.

Camper Forms (due June 1)

Forms for all enrolled campers are due by June 1. All forms (health, travel, activity/course preferences, etc) are available once enrollment is confirmed, under the Forms & Documents section. Parents are required to submit forms directly into their account, and detailed instructions for each form are provided. Please do not mail/email the forms to the office. Once forms are submitted successfully, it will note in your account that they have been received. Health forms are reviewed remotely by a summer health nurse before they are marked as complete.

All campers need a physical examination by a licensed medical professional within the 12 months prior to attending camp. If your camper has not had a physical within this time frame, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your camper's physician now, as many doctor’s office appointment schedules for physicals fill quickly. We cannot accept campers who do not have signed physical forms. ALL forms MUST be completed and submitted by June 1, in order for your camper to participate the program.

Camper Registration

6 & 7 Campers:
6&7 campers register on the Monday morning they are scheduled to start their program. The program will be run out of the Beebe located in the Tabor Academy Fish Center located at 256 Front Street, Marion.

Day Campers
Day campers register on the Monday morning that they are scheduled to start their program. Please note that if attending more than 1 week, campers ONLY register once even if they are not attending consecutive weeks. Registration will occur at 8:00am in the Stroud Academic Center and there will blue signs directing you. Please use 242 Front Street, Marion, MA 02738 as a GPS address. Please park in the Academic oval or Fish Center parking lot, which is located on the right-hand side just before the Academic oval. During the registration process campers will receive their schedules, camp swag, and visit with the health staff. The Activity and Academic Directors will be available, that morning, if you have any questions and/or would like to change make a schedule change.

Residential Campers
Residential campers register on the Sunday that they are scheduled start date. Registration will occur between 1:00pm-3:00pm in the Stroud Academic Center and there will blue signs directing you. We cannot accept campers BEFORE 1:00pm. Please use 242 Front Street, Marion, MA 02738 as a GPS address. Please park in the Academic oval or Fish Center parking lot, which is located on the right-hand side just before the Academic oval. During the registration process campers will receive their schedules, camp swag, and visit with the health staff. The Activity and Academic Directors will be available, during registration, if you have any questions and/or would like to change make a schedule change. Once you go through the registration process, you will be directed to your camper’s dormitory where you may unload their belongings. If your camper is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, please refer to the airport transportation section.

  • For the safety and comfort of our campers, dogs MUST be left at home. Even if your dog is friendly some children are fearful of animals.

Camper Drop Off & Pick Up

6 & 7 Campers: Please drop off your camper anytime between 8:15-8:30am and pick him/her up at 1:00pm. Campers cannot be dropped off earlier as they are NOT under our care until 8:15 AM. We ask parents to please park in the Fish Center parking lot, which is located on the right hand side just before the Academic Oval and walk your camper to the Beebe located next to the parking lot.

Day Campers: Please drop off your camper anytime between 8:15-8:25 AM. Campers cannot be dropped off earlier as they are NOT under our care until 8:15 AM. You may drop your camper off at the flagpole located at Tabor’s main oval off of Front Street. Please follow signs posted in the oval. The curb next to the flagpole is for the loading/unloading of campers.  If you need to park, please use the parking spaces in the Fish Center Parking Lot or the ones located on the left as you first enter the oval. Your campers should be picked up at the same location no later than 1:00 PM for half-day campers or 5:00 PM for full day campers.

Residential Campers: We cannot accept campers before 1:00 PM on their designated start date, so please arrange your travel times accordingly. On the Saturday that your camper is scheduled to end their program, they must be picked up by 12:00PM (noon). Campers enrolled in the 1-week program must be picked up by 12:00PM (noon) on the Monday that they are scheduled to end their program. Registration will occur in the Fish Center (there are blue signs directing you), located at 226 Front Street. Please park in the Academic oval or Fish Center parking lot, which is located on the right hand side just before the Academic oval. Once you go through the registration process, you will be directed to your camper’s dormitory where you may unload their belongings. If your camper is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, please refer to the airport transportation section below.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept day campers BEFORE 8:15am. Also, you must pick up your camper(s) promptly at the end of their day, which is 1pm for half-day and 6 & 7 campers and 5pm for full-day campers. We do not have staff available to care for campers before and/or after their scheduled start/end times.

PLEASE DRIVE 5 MPH in the oval and Fish Center Parking Lot.

Airport Transportation

If your camper is traveling as an unaccompanied minor and you have selected Tabor Summer Camp to provide their transportation to/from Logan Airport in Boston, we will coordinate pick up and/or drop off based on the flight information you provided on your travel request form located in your account. We will re-confirm, prior to your camper's arrival/departure, the Tabor Summer Camp staff member that will be providing transportation for your camper and their contact information. We can ONLY provide transportation on designated start/end dates. When booking travel, you must make your flight arrangements as follows. These are the only times that the camp staff is available to pick up/drop off campers.

  • Arriving flight times scheduled between 8am-12pm (noon) EST.
  • Departing flight times scheduled between 10am-4pm EST.

If you are not able to book your campers flights during these times you will need to coordinate your own transportation. Please visit our “TRAVEL” page at for a list of local transportation service providers. Listings posted on this page are provided as a convenience to the Tabor Summer Camp community and are not recommendations or endorsements of products and/or services.

Attendance, Late Arrivals, Early Dismissal Policy

Attendance is taken EVERY period, so we need to know if your child is arriving late, leaving early, or not attending camp that day. Same day absences, late arrivals, and/or early dismissals requests must be called or emailed in by 8am (at the latest) to Tabor Summer Camp Office at 508-291-8342 or


  • We can ONLY accommodate late arrivals and early departures during the following times, at the end of the period:

8:45am: launch (community meeting)
9:50am: period A
11:00am: period B
1:00pm: lunch
3:40pm: period E

  • For early departures, you must communicate to your child that they need to come directly to the office at their scheduled early release time.
  • All children who arrive late or leave early MUST be signed in/out at the main office by an Authorized Grown-up. The office is located in the Language wing in the Stroud Academic Center.
  • The people you list on your Authorized Grown-Ups form (parents must be listed) are the only ones that may pick up your child from Tabor Summer Camp. You may update this form in your account, if needed, while your camper is at the program.
  • For early dismissals, we will bring your child to the office to meet you. PLEASE DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR CAMPER’S ACTIVITY TO PICK THEM UP. Staff is instructed to direct you back to the Summer Office.
  • A photo ID will be required from the person taking the camper out of camp, even for parents.
  • Campers attending our scheduled camp dances, must be picked up by an Authorized Grown-up.


If your child is walking or biking to camp, you must authorize permission on the form located in your account. Campers arriving late or leaving early MUST adhere to our Late Arrival and Early Dismissal Policy. If permissions change, you must notify the Summer Program Office in writing. We encourage our campers to wear a helmet for safety.

Schedules and Change Requests

Scheduling is not done until the week before your campers starts their program and schedules will be distributed on their designated registration day. The 6 & 7 Year Old Program has a pre-set schedule that is designed to offer a range of engaging and appropriate recreational learning opportunities so that the campers have a variety of experiences each day. LITs have a set program and will not select individual activities/courses.

Every effort will be made to place each camper in his or her top enrichment courses and activity choices. After the program begins, scheduling changes for campers attending the following week happen every Thursday during lunch for our day campers and every Friday during lunch for our residential campers. We remind our campers multiple times throughout the week of the process. Every attempt will be made to make the requested changes for the following Monday but is dependent on availability. In an effort to help our campers become stronger self-advocates and to streamline the process, campers must make scheduling changes in person. This allows the Tabor Summer Camp team to have a conversation with each camper and help him or her make an informed decision. Parents should have conversations with their campers about the policy, so they understand it.

Supplies & Equipment

Tabor Summer Camp supplies ALL equipment needed for activities/courses, but if your camper brings his/her own equipment please clearly mark each item with his/her name. Campers are responsible for their property as Tabor Summer Camp is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to your camper’s belongings.

Packing List

A list of recommended items to pack for your camper can be found in the Parent Handbook. There is also a checklist on our website under the "Parents' Corner" tab. Campers should NOT bring any of the following items: money, computers/iPad, cell phones (day campers: please leave your phones at home; residential campers: bring a phone only for travel; we will be collecting phones the first night at camp), electronic games, skateboards/scooters, pets, electrical equipment such as televisions and cooking appliances. Please mark EVERY article of clothing and each personal belonging with your camper’s name, including socks, shoes, bathing suits, towels, toiletries, etc.

Laundry Service

Laundry services are only offered to campers enrolled 3 consecutive weeks or longer. Laundry will not be picked up until the 2nd week, so please pack enough clothes for 11 days. Campers will receive a personalized laundry bag.

Health Center

Tabor Summer Camp operates a well-equipped Health Center that is administered by an on call Health Care Consultant and several Registered Nurses. The Parent Authorization Form you signed authorizes the Health Center staff to provide emergency and non-emergent care for your camper. The Health Center is available 24 hours a day. In the event of a more serious incident, your camper will be transported to Tobey Hospital in Wareham, MA, located 5 miles away. Every effort is made to contact parents in the event that off-campus medical services are needed. All expenses associated with off-campus treatment become the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the camper. If you have medical concerns/questions while your camper is in camp you may reach the camp Health Center directly by calling 508-291-8306. Should you reach the answering machine, please leave a detailed message.

Camper Wellness: Sunscreen & Water Bottles

Tabor Summer Camp is aware of how damaging UV rays from the sun can be to your child’s skin. We ask that parents please apply sunscreen to their child before dropping them off at Tabor Summer Camp. Our staff will encourage the reapplication of sunscreen, throughout the day, during any activities that are outside. We also encourage additional sun protection such as SPF clothing, hats, and sunglasses. Please send in sunscreen (labeled with your child’s name) in their bag each day. In the event we need to reapply and sunscreen was NOT provided from home, campers will be provided sunscreen from Tabor Summer Camp with at least an SPF 30 or higher. If your child has a sensitivity/allergies to certain sunscreens, please be sure to note this on the health history form and contact a member of the summer health center staff at You will need to provide sunscreen that they do not have a sensitivity/allergy too.

It is very important for your child to bring a water bottle to camp. Campers can carry their water bottles with them at all times in their backpacks and fill them regularly. Water coolers are provided in each activity area for this purpose and drinking fountains/filling stations are also found throughout camp.

Medication Check In

If your camper needs to take medication while at the program, we cannot accept medication for any camper without a Medication Order Form (available in your Camp in Touch account) signed by your camper's Physician and submitted through your account. Prescription and over the counter medication brought to the program must be stored and administered by the Health Center staff. The medication must be in a pharmacy labeled bottle with the campers name and dispensing directions with the most recent date last filled.  Please send a second pharmacy labeled bottle with any medication sent. MEDICATIONS NOT CLEARLY LABELED WILL NOT BE DISPENSED. EpiPens and Inhalers will be checked in by the Health Center, labeled and then given to the camper at the discretion of the Health Center staff.  Please do not send Ibuprofen, Tylenol, antihistamine medications, etc. as they are stocked in the Health Center for campers who need them. Anyone who is on a field trip will still receive his/her medications by a licensed professional or one trained to administer medication.

Authorized Grown-Ups

The people you list on this form have permission to pick up your camper from camp. Anyone listed here will need to show identification. If a person is not listed here, they can NOT pick up your camper (including parents). You may update your list in your account at anytime. Please note, parents' names MUST be included on this list in order to pick up campers.

Health Insurance

All campers are required to have health insurance coverage while at Tabor Summer Camp . Parents are responsible to provide medical insurance for their children. Out of concern for the health and welfare of all our campers, Tabor Summer Camp has a policy that requires all international campers to be covered by an accident and sickness insurance plan that covers care in the United States. The cost of medical insurance in the US is high and it is important that students arrive at the beginning of the summer with coverage that is acceptable to local doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Many international plans do not cover out-of-country medical costs, and we want to ensure the best coverage for your child. For our international campers we offer, at a low rate, health insurance since most policies do not cover their children while abroad. Please contact the office at for enrollment information. PLEASE NOTE, coverage is only available to our enrolled international campers and not to US citizens.

Camper Bank

The Camper Bank is a convenient and safe place to manage personal expense money for your residential camper and can be accessed through your Camp in Touch account. It is required for all residential campers, and we suggest that parents make a deposit of $50-$100 per week (maximum deposit amount is $300, you may add additional funds if needed) for the child's incidental expenses or emergency purchases. Deposits into the Camper Bank MUST be made directly via credit card through your Camp in Touch account. Any additional amount of money left over will be refunded to your credit card after the child's session is over.

Photo Gallery

Our 2020 photo gallery will be available through our Camp App, which is available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The 2019 gallery is currently available through the app and online at Only parents of enrolled campers may register to use the app and access the gallery online. You MUST use the same email to register that you use for your Camp in Touch account. Once camp starts, photos will be published in albums by week and you will have the option to download the photos free. Our photographers do their very best to get to a majority of the activities everyday and photograph as many campers as possible but with over 500 campers, unfortunately, they cannot get pictures of every camper.

Cell Phone & Communication Policy

As a camp that prides itself on encouraging social engagement and enhancing the experience of all campers, we ask that campers and parents please adhere to the guidelines below regarding cell phone use at camp. We hope this policy will allow for your camper to have the most meaningful and fun camp experience!

  • Day Campers: We ask that day campers please leave their cell phones at home. If they must bring phones to communicate at the end of camp, they must leave their cell phones in their backpacks for the duration of the day.
  • Residential Campers: Residential campers may bring phones with them to camp. On the day that residential campers arrive at camp they will be asked to turn off their phones and put them in a secure location, monitored by counselors. In an effort to promote dorm bonding and to ensure that all campers are fully present during opening days, we will hold phones until Thursday of the first week. Parents and/or guardians of the campers will be contacted by a Residential Assistant via email and/or phone call to provide an update about how each child is doing in the program those first days. Beginning on that first Thursday during rest period (1:00 pm- 2:20 pm), campers will be given access to their phones. From that point forward, there will be designated times for cell phone use throughout each day. We allow campers to use their phones for 30 minutes during rest period (1:00-2:20 pm) and 30 minutes before dinner (5:00-6:00 pm). Of course, if certain circumstances arise, a camper may request a phone call before lights out (in the past, this has been useful if a child has not been able to get in touch with someone at home earlier in the day).